Whoop! Movin’ on … kinda

I exited my “anger” phase of chronicling life around evangelicals, in part due to moving to live around them, facing depression and losing someone close to me on top of my faith over these past two years.  That said, I’ll be back!  Just had to process a few things first. I am about to move abroad again, so I will be posting soon again here.  In the meantime, I have received some very useful counseling and found a new project: for closeted (or out!) atheists/agnostics/former Christians in the South, where I’ve been living for the past couple of years.  If … Continue reading Whoop! Movin’ on … kinda

Remember the PULSE Nightclub shooting?

As my entire family except maybe my younger brother voted Trump and now witnesses the aftermath, I am having a hard time pulling it together.  Last night, I dared to mention Clinton’s Methodist faith, and Mom’s only reply was “Where in the Bible does it say to kill babies?” Ohhh, my friends.  The irony.  The problem is that I could crush her.  I could bring up the myriad of verses that talk about gluttony and gossip and ask why the American church doesn’t try to litigate against that.  And, of course, information is a problem.  Knowledge is power, and as … Continue reading Remember the PULSE Nightclub shooting?

Let’s just take a second.

Rage doesn’t begin to cover it.  Terror, fear.  But more than anything, despair.  I have a little PTSD coming in, memories of gaslighting from not one, but two past lovers.  Memories of a man who made me feel worthless; who critiqued my stomach during intimate moments and said “You’ll have to work out later” when I ate scrambled eggs late one night, and then resented me when I lost weight faster than him.  Who always, relentlessly, talked about himself, and then looked around in wonder when anyone expected a thing different. The despair, however, does not come from these memories. … Continue reading Let’s just take a second.

There is no man behind the curtain.

I’ve been busy with the start of the school year and a second job, and have also been more open with some of my thoughts on ye old Twitter.  For the first time, I’ve broken my silence on some conservative Republican issues, but only because Trump is so abhorrent and the hypocrisy so flaming and obvious that any fear I may have had at defying my family has ceased.  If decent people who believe in small government can’t see that this guy is a wacko, it’s no longer my job to please them. Except that my protests aren’t enough, so … Continue reading There is no man behind the curtain.

So I’ve been in Israel,

learning about Holocaust education, and I haven’t wanted to post anything.  Why?  Because I was going to put it on goodlittlechurchgirl.com, which I imagine will one day be discovered by family, and I didn’t want to be too identifying or mean.  But today, I reached a tipping point. For the record: Israel is amazing.  All politics aside, the food is incredible, I love the Old City and also Tel Aviv, and after Nazareth and Capernaum and the sexy tour guide whom I want to give me a ten-day tour–oh, baby!–I am in love with this place. More importantly, I am … Continue reading So I’ve been in Israel,

#Tonedeaf: on #blacklivesmatter & #LGBTI rights

On my fascinating little journey, which actually makes a lot of sense when you consider even my childhood’s obsession with human rights (aka before I escaped the bowels of Christianity, otherwise known as evangelicalism and/or the Southern Baptist culture), I have learned a lot about what NOT to say. Being cursed with the gift of empathy in nearly any context, I have learned to listen to people’s experiences with almost no judgment (unless you’re a prospective romantic partner, in which case you’re screwed.  But we are working on that). Given that an actual VIDEO OF A MAN BEING SHOT TO THE … Continue reading #Tonedeaf: on #blacklivesmatter & #LGBTI rights

Buh-bye, Fundamentalism.

I got this email earlier, from a more progressive Christian site that dares to engage with culture, and is popularly loathed as a result.  And I laughed.  Because there, in black and white, is naked evidence of the absolute paralysis that results from trying to adhere to evangelical Christianity while being … well, alive. Relevant may be considered anathema to true fundamentalists, but it still employs a sly allegiance to evangelicalism, fundamentalism’s kid brother*.  When I have more time, I’ll add links, but I have read articles over the years that essentially deny universalism; dare to suggest that drinking alcohol is … Continue reading Buh-bye, Fundamentalism.