Remember the PULSE Nightclub shooting?

As my entire family except maybe my younger brother voted Trump and now witnesses the aftermath, I am having a hard time pulling it together.  Last night, I dared to mention Clinton’s Methodist faith, and Mom’s only reply was “Where in the Bible does it say to kill babies?”

Ohhh, my friends.  The irony.  The problem is that I could crush her.  I could bring up the myriad of verses that talk about gluttony and gossip and ask why the American church doesn’t try to litigate against that.  And, of course, information is a problem.  Knowledge is power, and as I have reluctantly watched the last vestige of any absolute conservatism fall away with–shit!–facts about abortion, I’ve about had it.

The other problem is that in my physical world, we were taught to be nice, except in the ways we were told it is allowed to be mean.  So my mother can ask me that, but I can’t say, “Where in the Bible does it say that sexual assault and xenophobia and bullying are okay?”

Except our premises are different.  Her belief is that the Bible is a shining example of all that is good in the world.  I understand that while it doesn’t condone rape on an individual level without punishment, it does treat women as property and inferior to men.  I also know that it fully supports xenophobia and the raping and plundering of whole populations–only when God commands it, of course.

Even so, there is a hell of a lot in the New Testament about speaking kind words and, oh yeah, against adultery.  THIS IS A WOMAN WHO ONCE TRIED TO ARREST HER SPOUSE FOR THE SAME THING because it’s technically still on the books where she lives.  She doesn’t have a leg to stand on in her approval of Trump.  Yet I can’t say it without starting a war, a war in which I am the only one on one side.

My sister is trying.  She called and we talked about how gracious Hillary was and how Obama is acting nice about the transition, and I love, love loved her for trying to bridge the gap.  My internal rage, consternation and sadness about political differences is showing, especially through my distaste for Trump, and she is trying to help.

Waking up, though, I just feel grieved.  She has four kids.  What kind of lesson are they learning when a child’s life inside the womb matters more than the woman whom it would grow up to be, in her world?  She doesn’t love Trump.  She still voted for him, though. What are her children learning about how men can act towards women, though, and how could the Christian community I was raised in have not just allowed this election, but SUPPORTED this horrible man?

Everyone knows this now, but they have lost all credibility.  If Trump hadn’t released a list of “pro-life” judges, they’d be 100% screwed.  Even so, the people who taught me that love and decency and character matters but made themselves black-and-white, one-issue voters against all common sense are now the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever known.

One final note; perhaps burying the lead?  Conservative Christians including my family members are all exhorting the public to “accept the process” and complaining about the protests now. What they fail to realize is that their words sound exactly like the empty, pithy comments offering prayer for the victims of the Orlando shooting at PULSE Nightclub.

Trump voters, even reluctant ones, are just like those who want to “love the sinner and hate the sin.” They want to trample on people’s rights and expose themselves as hypocrites, then tell us to just shut up and take it because “the process” or “we are just following the rules.”  They’re posting ad nauseum cheery “God is in control” messages with pictures of meadows and unicorns.  Oops, never mind, not unicorns, because they’re mythical creatures.

No.  No, no, no, no, no.  You can’t claim divine sovereignty for a situation YOU HELPED CREATE.  It’s like shooting someone in the face and then saying, “I’ll pray for you.”

Let me have my grief.  I watched you spew and spit and hate on Obama, spread lies and half-truths and call him a Muslim because you had “your views” on the man, and let’s leave it at that.  You don’t get to tell me two days in, as he’s poised to pick an entire Cabinet based on “loyalty” like any true fascist would do, that I have to shut up.

Update, a few hours after the original post: some Christians–the kind my family can’t fathom–agree.

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