Let’s just take a second.

Rage doesn’t begin to cover it.  Terror, fear.  But more than anything, despair.  I have a little PTSD coming in, memories of gaslighting from not one, but two past lovers.  Memories of a man who made me feel worthless; who critiqued my stomach during intimate moments and said “You’ll have to work out later” when I ate scrambled eggs late one night, and then resented me when I lost weight faster than him.  Who always, relentlessly, talked about himself, and then looked around in wonder when anyone expected a thing different. The despair, however, does not come from these memories. … Continue reading Let’s just take a second.

#Tonedeaf: on #blacklivesmatter & #LGBTI rights

On my fascinating little journey, which actually makes a lot of sense when you consider even my childhood’s obsession with human rights (aka before I escaped the bowels of Christianity, otherwise known as evangelicalism and/or the Southern Baptist culture), I have learned a lot about what NOT to say. Being cursed with the gift of empathy in nearly any context, I have learned to listen to people’s experiences with almost no judgment (unless you’re a prospective romantic partner, in which case you’re screwed.  But we are working on that). Given that an actual VIDEO OF A MAN BEING SHOT TO THE … Continue reading #Tonedeaf: on #blacklivesmatter & #LGBTI rights

To all Christians defending “traditional marriage” and “the faith” and the “old, godly America”

The reasons that Christians are giving against gay marriage on Facebook are bullshit. I am also too much of a coward to trigger a debate ON Facebook about this. I am “coming out” in terms of my support for gay marriage and increasingly liberal views slowly, one in-person conversation at a time. Days like today, however, break my heart, so I’m going to take my sarcastic bent and hope that someday in the future, I can say these things to the people who post messages on Facebook about how they will follow God, even if no one else will; and … Continue reading To all Christians defending “traditional marriage” and “the faith” and the “old, godly America”