Whiskey, Kaitlyn, & Sex: #RealTalk.

Sorry for the delay!  I’ve been in the midst of moving continents, which has put me back a few weeks. Collated, overdue thoughts:  Regarding Kaitlyn Bristowe, the Bachelorette who got roasted for sleeping with a date in Ireland before the creepy, voyeuristic “overnight/”Fantasy Suite” (FML) nights: I must admit, I despise the man she slept with–one of the eventual “front-runners”–because of his skeevy, manipulative ways.  But as I watched the episode long after the controversy had started, I decided that critics of the young woman* were stupid.  Why?  Because she was in Ireland, drinking tumbler-fulls of whiskey.  WHISKEY, people!  The … Continue reading Whiskey, Kaitlyn, & Sex: #RealTalk.