Remember the PULSE Nightclub shooting?

As my entire family except maybe my younger brother voted Trump and now witnesses the aftermath, I am having a hard time pulling it together.  Last night, I dared to mention Clinton’s Methodist faith, and Mom’s only reply was “Where in the Bible does it say to kill babies?” Ohhh, my friends.  The irony.  The problem is that I could crush her.  I could bring up the myriad of verses that talk about gluttony and gossip and ask why the American church doesn’t try to litigate against that.  And, of course, information is a problem.  Knowledge is power, and as … Continue reading Remember the PULSE Nightclub shooting?

#Tonedeaf: on #blacklivesmatter & #LGBTI rights

On my fascinating little journey, which actually makes a lot of sense when you consider even my childhood’s obsession with human rights (aka before I escaped the bowels of Christianity, otherwise known as evangelicalism and/or the Southern Baptist culture), I have learned a lot about what NOT to say. Being cursed with the gift of empathy in nearly any context, I have learned to listen to people’s experiences with almost no judgment (unless you’re a prospective romantic partner, in which case you’re screwed.  But we are working on that). Given that an actual VIDEO OF A MAN BEING SHOT TO THE … Continue reading #Tonedeaf: on #blacklivesmatter & #LGBTI rights

Buh-bye, Fundamentalism.

I got this email earlier, from a more progressive Christian site that dares to engage with culture, and is popularly loathed as a result.  And I laughed.  Because there, in black and white, is naked evidence of the absolute paralysis that results from trying to adhere to evangelical Christianity while being … well, alive. Relevant may be considered anathema to true fundamentalists, but it still employs a sly allegiance to evangelicalism, fundamentalism’s kid brother*.  When I have more time, I’ll add links, but I have read articles over the years that essentially deny universalism; dare to suggest that drinking alcohol is … Continue reading Buh-bye, Fundamentalism.

Whiskey, Kaitlyn, & Sex: #RealTalk.

Sorry for the delay!  I’ve been in the midst of moving continents, which has put me back a few weeks. Collated, overdue thoughts:  Regarding Kaitlyn Bristowe, the Bachelorette who got roasted for sleeping with a date in Ireland before the creepy, voyeuristic “overnight/”Fantasy Suite” (FML) nights: I must admit, I despise the man she slept with–one of the eventual “front-runners”–because of his skeevy, manipulative ways.  But as I watched the episode long after the controversy had started, I decided that critics of the young woman* were stupid.  Why?  Because she was in Ireland, drinking tumbler-fulls of whiskey.  WHISKEY, people!  The … Continue reading Whiskey, Kaitlyn, & Sex: #RealTalk.

“Try,” Part 2: In Which I Try to Explain Why I’m Not Such a Bad Person

I woke up today feeling bad, like I went to bed with a “10” blog post and woke up with a “2” (yup, I just quoted Katy Perry). It seems especially snarky to take aim at a blasé-but-nice song, especially by quoting the relative benefits of the things Caillat disses, when there are so many greater evils in the world. Rather, I think I should have focused on the more insidious side I mentioned at the end: lumping in grown-ass women with adolescent teens experiencing their first flush of hormones, or not experiencing them soon enough, in a world that … Continue reading “Try,” Part 2: In Which I Try to Explain Why I’m Not Such a Bad Person

Doing Violence to My Body

I currently have a horrible migraine, and I know why. I know my body like the back of my hand—oh, wait—and usually, the trigger is so clear I can see the pain coming; or, once the pain comes, I can instantly pinpoint what started it. I became “pre-migraine” twice in as many days when uninvited guests “popped” into my room when I was in the middle of writing. Do you know how hard it is to pull your brain out of whatever morass is consuming you to interact with another human being? Especially when—infuriatingly—these grown adults at my job who … Continue reading Doing Violence to My Body