Buh-bye, Fundamentalism.

I got this email earlier, from a more progressive Christian site that dares to engage with culture, and is popularly loathed as a result.  And I laughed.  Because there, in black and white, is naked evidence of the absolute paralysis that results from trying to adhere to evangelical Christianity while being … well, alive. Relevant may be considered anathema to true fundamentalists, but it still employs a sly allegiance to evangelicalism, fundamentalism’s kid brother*.  When I have more time, I’ll add links, but I have read articles over the years that essentially deny universalism; dare to suggest that drinking alcohol is … Continue reading Buh-bye, Fundamentalism.

The ex-expat, a crazy-cheap budget, and my lazy a**

Living abroad and coming home has presented fascinating challenges.  Since I made the choice impulsively, with all the chutzpah of a heroine’s epiphany in a romantic comedy–Yes, I must quit my job and fly somewhere spontaneously for a subjective personal … Continue reading The ex-expat, a crazy-cheap budget, and my lazy a**

Instant Gratification & Sh**tastic Food

Beijing is not a good place for a person with poor impulse control. To be exact, it is not a good place for a foreigner with said problem, as most students and people my age live with family and observe social morays like women not drinking much (if ever), and, you know, sharing their food. For spoiled laowai like myself, kind of like Vegas—where I lived before—it’s host to a wealth of conveniences that can kill a girl, or at least add weight and sloth to her frame. At least in Vegas, you had to get in your car and … Continue reading Instant Gratification & Sh**tastic Food