Remember the PULSE Nightclub shooting?

As my entire family except maybe my younger brother voted Trump and now witnesses the aftermath, I am having a hard time pulling it together.  Last night, I dared to mention Clinton’s Methodist faith, and Mom’s only reply was “Where in the Bible does it say to kill babies?” Ohhh, my friends.  The irony.  The problem is that I could crush her.  I could bring up the myriad of verses that talk about gluttony and gossip and ask why the American church doesn’t try to litigate against that.  And, of course, information is a problem.  Knowledge is power, and as … Continue reading Remember the PULSE Nightclub shooting?

Let’s just take a second.

Rage doesn’t begin to cover it.  Terror, fear.  But more than anything, despair.  I have a little PTSD coming in, memories of gaslighting from not one, but two past lovers.  Memories of a man who made me feel worthless; who critiqued my stomach during intimate moments and said “You’ll have to work out later” when I ate scrambled eggs late one night, and then resented me when I lost weight faster than him.  Who always, relentlessly, talked about himself, and then looked around in wonder when anyone expected a thing different. The despair, however, does not come from these memories. … Continue reading Let’s just take a second.

So I’ve been in Israel,

learning about Holocaust education, and I haven’t wanted to post anything.  Why?  Because I was going to put it on, which I imagine will one day be discovered by family, and I didn’t want to be too identifying or mean.  But today, I reached a tipping point. For the record: Israel is amazing.  All politics aside, the food is incredible, I love the Old City and also Tel Aviv, and after Nazareth and Capernaum and the sexy tour guide whom I want to give me a ten-day tour–oh, baby!–I am in love with this place. More importantly, I am … Continue reading So I’ve been in Israel,